Civil Society Europe contribution to the European Consultation on EU Citizenship

Civil Society Europe (CSE) has participated to the consultation on EU citizenship launched by the European Commission.

CSE response builds on the work that had been achieved through the European Year of Citizens Alliance following a large and intense consultation of European, national and local organisations to produce 80 concrete recommendations to EU institutions and member States: “It’s about us, It’s about Europe, Towards Democratic European Citizenship”.

It has been developed in consultation with its members and in particular thanks to its working group on Civil Society Recognition. CSE contribution is to be considered complementary to its own members contributions.

In its response, CSE focuses on two main issues: democratic and civic participation (values of EU citizenship, civic participation in decision-making, elections) and free movement.

The paper includes a number of recommendations and in particular CSE calls on the European Commission and EU decision-makers to ensure that EU core values: democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights including non-discrimination, inclusion, tolerance and respect for diversity, are at the basis of all EU actions, and to launch a major campaign on such values; to promote informal and formal citizenship education at all levels aimed at building an open and inclusive society, implement Treaty Article 11 by putting in place a clear and structured framework for European civil dialogue allowing for a permanent vertical, transversal and horizontal civil dialogue, ensure recognition of organised civil society , revise the European Citizen’s initiative, in order to make it more accessible and meaningful by eliminating the application of any discretionary principle to evaluate and take into consideration successful initiatives; to remove obstacles to the right to vote and ensure a more transparent election process, to ensure that the principle of free movement is fully respected and implemented without discrimination, and that structured dialogue is organised between decision-makers and civil society organisations on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers and migration, for the development of long term, coordinated and holistic policies.

Please find here CSE and its members contributions:



ECF contribution EDF Reply to public consultation on Citizenshipto public consultation on EU citizenship EDF Reply to public consultation on Citizenship

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