EC to reinforce civic space in trade with developing countries

CSE together with the GSP Reform Platform: a group of human rights and development organizations, trade unions and other stakeholders seeking to advance human rights and labour rights; as well as promote civic space in the context of the trade preferences of the European Union has issued a number of recommendations to Commissioner Malmström in the framework of the mid-term Evaluation of the European Union’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP).

Dear Commissioner Malmström,

It is with great interest that we have been following the mid-term Evaluation of the European Union’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP). With this letter we wish to bring to your attention a set of recommendations for the improvement of the GSP (attached, and full copy provided below). At the same time, we are keen to contribute to an enhanced and strengthened GSP system that brings us closer to the aspirations set out in your Communication, Trade for all – Towards a more responsible trade and investment policy.

Civil Society can play a powerful and constructive role in a more effective implementation of the Conventions. It is therefore crucial to strengthen their participation in the implementation and monitoring of the GSP schemes.

Therefore, we call upon the European Union to amend the GSP Regulation to align it with the goals set out by EU treaties and policies. It would contribute to making the Regulation more impactful and enable it to achieve its full potential. Some of the required amendments are adaptations of aspects that are already working well in other trade policies and others are new.

We look forward to receiving your response on the proposed recommendations and look to discuss them with you in person or with your staff.


Please find the GSP-Platform-Statement


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