Civil Society position on MFF Post 2020

Civil Society Europe has participated to the consultation on the Multiannual Financial Framework for the European Union after 2020.

CSE position has been prepared in cooperation with several civil society organisations and networks that are active in various areas of EU policy work either with actions on the ground or on advocacy.
Our perspective is to shed light on issues that are important for the future financial framework from the perspective of civil society organisations and the citizens we represent .

We believe that the important challenges that the European Union is facing today: increasing social and economic disparities, youth unemployment, impact of migration, climate change, environmental degradation, globalisation, polarisation in society, shrinking civic space, conflicts and violence, human rights violations, will not be addressed with a reduced budget at EU level. The current ceiling needs to be increased. Also the new proposal must address long term challenges while having the sufficient flexibility to look at shorter term needs. It must also be more understandable and transparent for the general public.

The future framework must recognise the important contribution that an independent, diverse civil society committed to EU values and fundamental rights across Europe brings to the European Union, notably by supporting the active participation of citizens to the EU and national democratic process, by contributing to more effective and equal policies with bottom-up solutions, by bringing concrete solutions to sustainability and growth, by enhancing culture and education, by providing humanitarian aid, and by engaging volunteers on the ground.

In designing the new Financial Framework, the Commission should ensure stronger participation of independent and representative civil society organisations as they play a crucial role in promoting active public participation in the democratic process at EU and national level. In addition to the welcome upcoming EC consultation, we call the European Commission as well as the Council of the European Union and the Parliament for a specific dialogue with CSOs on this important issue.

Please read our full contribution here: MFF post 2020 & Civil Society proposals

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