Date(s) - 12/11/2019
Toute la journée

The European Economic and Social Committee


ECAS is holding a conference to present the outcomes of the Smart eDemocracy Against Fake News (SMART eD) project. The event will also  serve as a platform for policy-makers, media, citizens, and civil society organisations  to engage in an EU level dialogue on online disinformation, its challenges and tools to tackle it.

Smart eD aims to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation by raising citizens’ awareness of national and EU level initiatives to counter fake news and online disinformation. In the course of the project, citizens’ attitudes, habits, needs and ideas on the issue were surveyed and analysed, providing the basis for recommendations for EU policy-makers on strategies for the smart use of e-democracy tools to counter the negative impact of fake news.

Learn more about Smart eD here.