chaired by GREEN 10

The cluster will focus on the fight against climate change and environmental challenges such as how to make sure that the EU will become carbon neutral and tackle the climate crisis internally and as a global player, halt biodiversity loss and restore nature, ensure a zero-pollution environment, reduce our resource use and safeguard environmental democracy.

Our recommendations will be closely linked to the opportunities created around the European Green Deal without the EGD limiting the scope of the discussions.The cluster may give specific attention to how the EU’s policies and practices to fight climate change and environmental challenges impact on the situation in the candidate countries and its neighbourhood, as well as globally. This could include:

  • addressing climate change;
  • protecting biodiversity and restoring nature;
  • ensuring sustainable food systems;
  • curbing pollution;
  • reducing resource use;
  • safeguarding environmental democracy and rule of law

The full cluster recommendation paper can be found here.