Civil Society Europe (CSE) brings together 28 European networks of civil society organisations (CSO) working towards regenerating the European project around the shared values of Equality, Solidarity, Inclusiveness and Democracy. Our main objectives: to facilitate and enable horizontal and vertical dialogue between European civil society organisations and policy-makers and help strengthening CSOs in their activities and relations with the institutions. The organisation was founded in December 2014 in Rome at the close of the European Year of citizens as an initiative of organisations that had worked together in the European Year of Citizens Alliance. Its membership has grown since then to encompass the various sectors of civil society. CSE has been established as an international not for profit organisation under Belgian law since June 2016.
CSE is funded through membership fees and contributions by its members. CSE is an independent voice promoting a space for structured civil dialogue and citizen’s participation at all levels.





📢Civil society organisations must be the drivers of change in post COVID-19 societies and economies

This is one of the main conclusions of our recent conference on #EUCivilSociety during and after #COVID19.

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Diplomatic seating arrangements are not chance or ‘an accident’, they’re an exertion of power. Failure to provide an equal seat to @vonderleyen is a synonym of @RTErdogan’s game towards Brussels & state of women’s rights in #Turkey.

We don’t need any words. Everything is crystal clear! We stand by ⁦@vonderleyen⁩ and by gender equality. ⁦@Europarl_EN⁩ ⁦@EU_Commission⁩ ⁦@EPP⁩ ⁦@ppdpsd⁩ ⁦@eucopresident⁩ @europe