Civil Society Convention on the Conference for the Future of Europe: 

CSOCOFOE Final Study: The Future of Europe is Ours 

CSOCOFOE – Paris Declaration – EN 

CSOCOFOE – Paris Declaration – FR 

Rule of Law:

CSE Contribution to 2022 Rule of Law Report

Joint Statement on Rule of Law Report

CSE contribution to 2021 Rule of Law Report consultation.docx

CSE Response to 2020 EC Annual Rule of Law Stakeholders Consultation

CSE Response to the EC Rule of Law Communication

Civic Space:

Civil Society Role in “RebuildUkraine”

European Civil Society Strategy – Letter to Von der Leyen

Civil Society on the Frontline – 5 action points for EU action

Statement on Shrinking Civic Space in Europe

CSE response to the EC targeted consultation on the 2022 EU Charter of Fundamental Rights report

Ending SLAPPs – Joint NGO Policy Paper

Comments on EC AML 2020 Action Plan

Input on the EC Supra National Risk Assessment  with regard to Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

Joint Civil Society Paper on a European Association Statute

Civil Dialogue:

Towards and open, transparent and structured civil dialogue

Roadmap to Civil Dialogue in the EU

CSE on Better Regulation

CSE response to European Ombudsman Transparency Council Decision making in legislative preparatory work

CSE response to EU Citizenship consultation



CSE on a mandatory EU Transparency register

Fundamental Rights:

CSE EFC ECNL HSC EFA joint policy paper on EC Anti Money Laundering action Plan 2020

Contribution to EC White Paper on Artificial Intellligence

Joint Response to EC Roadmap on new approach to combat money laundering & terrorism financing

Access to Funding

Survey on EU Financial Regulations: Overview and Recommendations

CSO Reaction on the simplification of the Financial Regulations

MFF Post 2020 _ Civil Society proposals

CSE on EP Rights & Values Resolution

CSE on NGO EU Funding

People’s Union _ CSE & EASSH Joint paper on Horizon Europe

CSE media release on ECA report on Transparency of EU funds implemented by NGOs

Activity reports

Report of Activities 2016

CSE Activities Report 2017

Activity Report 2018

CSE Activity report 2019

CSE Activity Report 2020