The Steering Committee

Civil Society Europe Steering Committee includes 9 members:

  1. Jean-Marc Roirant, Chair (European Civic Forum)
  2. Conny Reuter, Treasurer (Solidar)
  3. Oonagh Aitken (Volonteurope)
  4. François Balate (European Youth Forum) – since 26 April 2018
  5. Gabriella Civico (European Volunteer Centre)
  6. Seamus Jeffreson (Concord Europe)
  7. Jorgo Riss (GREEN 10)
  8. Yannis Vardakastanis (European Disability Forum) – since 26 April 2018
  9. Brikena Xhomaqi (Lifelong Learning Platform)

The Steering Committee is elected until April 2019


Join us

If you are a European network of civil society and you would like to join Civil Society Europe, please complete the following CSEMembershipApplicationForm and send it back to