Given the positive experiences of the coordination of the European Year of Citizens and the lack of a structured civil dialogue at EU-level as stipulated in the Lisbon-Treaty,  the time has come to gather together.  Civil Society Europe – the European Coordination of Civil Society Organisations intends to be at European level a legitimate and representative platform of civil society organisations defending the values we claim and to put them back at the heart of the European project.

Our main mission as established in our statutes and in the Rome Declaration is to:

  • Create an enabling environment for horizontal exchanges between civil society organisations and movements across Europe;
  • Contribute to policy development on transversal issues of common interest as agreed by the membership;
  • Strive for the recognition of civil society organisations by policymakers;
  • Promote civic space for civil society at all relevant levels based on fundamental rights;
  • Ensure the renewal of European Democracy, promoting the transparency of decision making and participation of civil society organisations in European decision making processes.

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