Civil Society Europe initiated and coordinates the Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe. We gather over 75 European networks and platforms with constituencies all across Europe, uniting millions of citizens active in all areas of life: from education to culture, social inclusive, environment, governance and transparency. The Convention was established in February 2021 and is actively engaged to scrutinise the democratic functioning of the conference and ensure a real involvement of citizens and their representative associations in this process.

In our daily work, we are committed to ensure appropriate links between what is discussed and decided inside the institutional frameworks and people with their individual and collective expectations.

Within its pan-European, wide geographic scope, the Civil Society Convention represents a great diversity of thematic areas of work and engagement in line with the rights and values enshrined in the European treaties. We express strong and legitimate expectations towards the institutions. We will work towards a critical analysis of the shortcomings of current policies and build collective and constructive proposals for a better future in common. We come together in the belief that our commitment to the Conference on the Future of Europe will be useful and recognised. Organised in thematic clusters representatives of the convention will be discussing with their constituencies in which direction Europe should evolve in the future but also bring expertise on how the change should be organised.

All organisations involving and representing citizens operating on a pan-European level ready to engage and committing to the principles enshrined in our call and joint declaration are welcome to join! For further information: contact (at)